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The KHC range of Refrigerated Environmental Test Chambers and KH range of Non-Refrigerated Humidity control ovens by Kumar are designed for a wide scope of applications both in laboratories and in many fields of production. These are outstanding in precision, reliability and in performance and styling.
Construction & Mode of operation
Cabinet : Double walled, exterior finished in powder coating epoxy paint.
Door : Right Hand hinge, with magnetic gasket & Lock. Full length inner door has hand operated wiper which allows a clear view of the interior.
PU-foam Insulation the most efficient insulation available today, provide improved refrigeration performance.
Forced Air Circulation through built in large size fan via baffle plates, gives constant positive air flow throughout the chamber, as well as fast adjustment of the specimen to circulating air temperature.
Air Tempering is carried out by a finned heater and finned tube heat exchanger cooled by Hermetic compressor.

Prooving Chamber
Humidity System consist of low dew point bath, immersion heater , water level controller, low level indicator and electronic safety cut out and vapour injection device which gives Aerosol free air i.e. Free from minute droplets.
Dehumidification is achieved by refrigeration.
Control Panel carrying all the controls, indicators , switches etc is placed on top inside the cabinet.
Controlling & regulation
Digital Display of actual & set values of Dry bulb and Wet bulb Temp with 0.1ºC resolution allows exact control of temperature. The temperatures are measured with high precision PT 100 sensor.
Controller : The fully Electronic temperature Controller gives very high precision and an excellent response due to the built-in-feedback.
Constancy : ±0.5ºC to 1ºC.
Automatic chamber light on opening of door
All Models are floor models with castor wheels.
Adjustable shelf position of S.S. Trays
Mains Connection : 230V AC. Single phase 50 Hz.
  KSC - PROOVING Chamber KC - PROOVING Chamber
Controllable Temp. Range 25 to 90ºC 5ºC above amb. to 90ºC
Temp. Constancy, Temporal ± 1ºC ± 0.5ºC
Humidity Range 40 to 95% RH Ambient to 95% RH
Humidity Constancy Temporal ± 0.5ºC dew point corresponding to± 3-5 % RH ± 1ºC dew point corresponding to ± 5% RH
Technical data :
KSC Chamber KC Ovens Internal Dimensions
H X W X D. cm.
c. Ft.       Ltrs.
No. Of Shelves Inner Chamber
KSC - 3A KC - 3A 50 X 45 X 40   3              90 2 Alu
KSC - 3S KC - 3S 50 X 45 X 40   3              90 2 S.S.
KSC - 6A KC - 6A 75 X 50 X 45   6            170 6 Alu
KSC - 6S KC - 6S 75 X 50 X 45   6            170 6 S.S.
KSC - 10S KC- 10S 105 X 55 X 50  10           285 6 S.S.
KSC - 12S KC- 12S 105 X 60 X 55  12           340 12 S.S.
KSC - 16S KC - 16S 105 X 68 X 63   16            450 12 S.S.
KSC - 35S KC - 35S 105 X 100 X 95  35           1000 12 S.S
Illumination System using flourescent tubes and/or ultra violet lights. Lowest Temp which can be reached is 5ºC Higher, accuracy 1ºC.
Port Hole for Gas Inlet. Inner Electrical outlet.
Programmable 24 hrs. ON/OFF cyclic Timer for Illumination control for Day & Night Effect.
Circular Chart or Strip Chart recorders for recording temp.

Environmental Test Chambers and Humidity Controlled Ovens of sizes, capacities and
features other than mentioned above are available against specific requirements.

* In order to improve or rationalise the working of the equipment its specifications and design may be modified without notice.
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